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Most people are not taking advantage of the opportunity to build wealth in their self directed retirement accounts. One of your best assets is languishing and dying on the vine because you are too busy or aren't sure about what to do with it.

The ETF Maximizer is a powerful, easy-to-use newsletters to help the individual investor manage self directed retirement dollars. The ETF Trading System, ETF Maximizer, was developed for investors desiring to manage their accounts using Exchange Traded Funds.

Every one should take advantage of the tax deferred power of retirement savings plans. But most of us just don't know what to invest in and how to limit our risk when the market turns down. Finally, there is a powerful tool to address this problem using the ETF Maximizer recommendations.

During the last week of every month the ETF Maximizer shows you which funds to purchase and how much exposure Conservative, Moderate and Aggressive investors should have in the market for the following month. Then daily we analyze the risk/reward potential of the overall market and let you know if any significant changes have occurred which would warrant a reduction or increase in your market exposure.

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I signed a two year contract with 401k Maximizer.

I own a financial services firm which acts as a market maker in a secondary market for life insurance contracts. I know a lot about what I do, and very little about equities.

I ran a several statistical analyses of your three model portfolio's performance versus EZTracker's, and your conservative model won a very high number of the runs, as I varied the assumptions.

Lesson I've learned...hire smart people with the expertise and experience who need, don't waste your time trying to duplicate it.  I've already rebalanced my 401k to follow your conservative portfolio model.



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